EV Charging Stations in Selma, CA

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Selma, a city that’s embracing the future of transportation, offers a variety of EV charging stations suitable for different needs. Fahrney Ford, a leading dealership in the region, not only provides an array of new Ford electric models but also helps EV owners with comprehensive information on charging options. Here’s a breakdown of EV charging stations in Selma by charger level:22 Frd Xbd 56207

Level 1 Charging Stations

  • Residential Areas: Most commonly found in private homes, Level 1 charging stations are standard in Selma’s residential neighborhoods. These chargers are suitable for overnight charging, offering a convenient option for EV owners.

Level 2 Charging Stations

  • Shopping Centers: Key shopping areas in Selma are equipped with Level 2 charging stations, allowing shoppers to charge their vehicles while they shop. These chargers offer a faster charging option compared to Level 1 chargers.
  • Public Parking Lots: Several public parking areas in Selma have installed Level 2 charging stations, providing easy access for residents and visitors to charge their EVs while exploring the city.
  • Office Complexes: For the working professionals, some office complexes in Selma offer Level 2 charging stations, facilitating easy charging during working hours.

DC Fast Chargers

  • Highway Rest Stops: Strategically located along major highways near Selma, DC Fast Chargers provide a rapid charging solution for long-distance travelers. These are ideal for quick top-ups to extend the vehicle’s range.
  • Commercial Districts: In Selma’s bustling commercial districts, DC Fast Chargers are available for those who need a quick charge to continue their day without long waiting times.


Locations by Charger Level

Selma, CA, is well-equipped with a variety of EV charging stations, accommodating the needs of electric vehicle owners, including those driving the latest Ford electric models from dealerships like Fahrney Ford. Here’s a breakdown of the locations of Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers in the Selma area:

Level 2 Charging Stations:

  • Holiday Inn: Located at 2950 Pea Soup Anderson Blvd, Selma 93662, this station offers a convenient charging option for travelers and visitors.
  • Walmart Supercenter: Situated at 3400 Floral Ave, Selma, CA 93662, allowing shoppers to charge their vehicles while they shop.
  • Bubble Wash: This station can be found at 2921 Whitson St, Selma, CA 93662, making it a suitable option for those in the area.
  • Selma City Hall: Located at 1710 Tucker Street, Selma, CA 93662, providing easy access for residents and visitors in the city center.

DC Fast Chargers:

  • Selma Supercharger: With 16 Tesla Supercharger plugs, this station at 2851 Highland Ave, Selma, CA 93662, is ideal for Tesla owners needing a quick charge.
  • Electrify America Stations: Selma hosts 6 Electrify America stations, which are part of a wider network providing fast charging solutions for a variety of EV models.
  • EVgo Stations: There are 3 EVgo stations in Selma, offering another reliable option for fast charging.

These charging stations in Selma cater to various needs, whether it’s a quick top-up or a longer charge while running errands or staying overnight. For owners of Ford electric vehicles, such as those available at Fahrney Ford, these charging stations provide the necessary infrastructure to support daily commutes and longer journeys. Exploring the Fahrney Ford electric vehicle inventory can offer insights into the latest electric models and their specific charging requirements.

As the network of EV charging stations continues to expand, Selma is becoming an even more EV-friendly city, ensuring that electric vehicle owners have access to convenient charging options throughout the area.


For current and prospective owners of Ford’s electric models, such as the Mustang Mach-E or the Ford F-150 Lightning, knowing these locations is crucial for seamless travel and convenience. To explore these innovative electric models and learn more about their charging requirements and capabilities, a visit to Fahrney Ford’s electric vehicle inventory is highly recommended.

Fahrney Ford’s commitment to enhancing the EV ownership experience extends beyond selling cars. They provide valuable insights into the EV ecosystem in Selma, including advice on setting up home charging stations and navigating the public charging network. Their expertise ensures that transitioning to an electric vehicle is a smooth and enjoyable process for every customer.



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