Used Toyota Tacoma for Sale in Selma CA

Used Toyota Tacoma for Sale in Selma CA
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Used Toyota Tacoma Overview

Fahrney Ford Used has a large inventory of the used Toyota Tacoma for sale in Selma. We keep this inventory online for all our Toyota shoppers out there because many shoppers find it more convenient to research and compare trucks online. The Tacoma has delivered off-road fun at an affordable price since 1995. Occasionally, you’ll still see some of the oldest Tacoma models still on the road as basic commuters or well-kept historical pieces that can still crank it up a notch on the right day. Our dealership serving Selma Fresno Modesto Clovis keeps a long line of these trucks for our used truck buyers.

Selma CA - 2022 Toyota Tacoma's Overview

Key Features of the Tacoma

Toyota’s big two pickup trucks are the Tacoma and the Tundra. For most people, the Tacoma has a more affordable entry point and is often the first truck people look to in the Toyota lineup. As a used model, it’s easy to drive with low upkeep.

Selma CA - 2022 Toyota Tacoma's Exterior

Iconic Exterior

The most recent generation of used Toyota Tacoma sports a honeycomb grille and a front-end with a whole lot of fun going on. Models like the 2019 Tacoma had deeply inset LED headlamps and a blacked out grille on many trims. Toyota is also generous with chrome for their later Tacoma trims like the TRD Off-Road.

Selma CA - 2022 Toyota Tacoma's Interior
4X4 Performance

To boldly go some places outdoors, you’ve got to drive into the battle with a 4X4 truck. These systems create a more even power throughout all four wheels, allowing them to grip the road with maximum traction. You can see how this would come in handy when heading onto some of America’s toughest trails or scenic areas. The Tacoma has a broad range of powers, including 159-278 horsepower for its 2019 edition. The strongest 2019 Tacoma came with 265 lb-ft of torque, too, giving it a mighty launch and ability to spring into adventure at any moment.

Selma CA - 2022 Toyota Tacoma's Mechanical
Nice Interior

When you open up your dream truck’s doors, what does the interior look like? For some drivers, they see leather seats or a large, leather center console. Other drivers prefer a much more conventional truck interior with vinyl or cloth seats. Older model trucks were made with mostly vinyl, giving them a distinct smell and atmosphere. The Tacoma’s interior starts out old school on early trims, but there are also many refined, high-tech interiors available for those who prefer modernity.

A Convenient Way to Buy Used

Buying a used Toyota Tacoma for sale in Selma should be fun for the buyer. Don’t tax yourself and wade into frustration by working with a dealership that either doesn’t know your needs or care much about them. At Fahrney Ford serving Selma Fresno Modesto Clovis, we prioritize the needs of our customers.

Shop 24/7

You don’t need to spend fuel or time getting down here to see your favorite trucks. Our used Tacoma inventory is online for your convenience. Hop online and check out the models we have to offer whenever you feel like it. As long as you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone, our pre-owned trucks are just a click away.

Finance Online

Fahrney Ford has some of the most experienced, knowledgeable financial experts in the country. You can make your purchase quicker by applying for financing online. Fill out our simple, intuitive forms and find out if you’re pre-approved for financing on your favorite Toyota Tacoma.

Care for your Used Tacoma

A used truck needs a strong maintenance and repair team on its side. Our service department has both quick and complex services available to keep your used Tacoma running strong every year. We do basic services like tire rotations, tune-ups, spark plug changes, oil changes, and tire rotations. When your truck needs major services like engine, brake, or suspension system repairs, we’re here for those, too. Best of all, you’ll find that our team is professional and fun to work with.

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Please let us know if you have more questions about our used Toyota Tacoma inventory. We’re serving Selma Fresno Modesto Clovis customers with great savings on the Tacoma this year and hope to help you score a great deal soon. To contact us, you can email, text, visit, or call.